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    Curly hair is quick and convenient and fashionable and beautiful, it is the best weapon that makes you a bright spot in various activities. Whether it’s the romantic overturning or the retro, elegant introversion, you will try to make yourself welcome to the unknown.
    Curly hair curls up the romance of a woman
    It is very romantic and sexy and brings you a noble mature image and elegant temperament. This kind of curly hair at a big party with brighter lights will be a plus for you to be the “subject” of the show.
    The process of creating curly hair
    Blow dry hair after cleaning, damp hair is not easy to iron/to apply a moderate amount of nutrition oil/excessive roll iron is easy to let hair a bit of brandishing, so the hair should be very painful
    Let the roll be preheated for up to four minutes and then use the/electric roll bar vertical to make it have a three-dimensional sense/or horizontal roll, which will make the hair more hierarchical.
    After the bottom of the hair is rolled up, begin to roll the hair in the middle of the hair/finally the hair of the top is rolled up/the hair of the hair is sprayed on the water, soon the hair returns to the original form.
    There’s a shortcut to fixing curly hair
    It is not enough to have a good looking hairstyle, and the post-finishing debugging and maintenance is also very important, so that the hair has the appearance and the texture is really beautiful hair.
    Hair tail spray oil: the hair hair hair that rolls is hair a bit easy manic, this can make the outer edge of hairstyle is affected, make integral modelling is not fluent. In the hair slightly besmear the nutrition oil, can adjust the modelling again can nourish the hair, it is not the best of both.
    The introversion is a classic “roll”
    The big wavy inner roll is retro and elegant, and it’s best to show off your beauty with a rometa-style candlelight dinner. Believe that charm will make your boyfriend unforgettable
    beauty plus good helper: sweet date without the adornment of beautiful jewelry, they will be flared in dim light, and your inner folding as deducing the beautiful story.
    Like little pomegranate seed, the long thin metal wire is beautiful, make the hair more active/gold drop stone with ruby, appear noble and elegant, add flowers to your neck.
    Make the steps to make the inside roll
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    dry hair/apply nutrients, moisturize your hair, and minimize the damage to your hair by applying adequate sample size.
    Use a duck bill to fix the hair on the top of your head. Start curling from the middle and curl your hair in the center/end of the hair