Association Of Computer Science Engineers

  •       i-Grow, an acronym for Information Global Reach Objective Wing

  •       It is the disciplinary association for the Department of Computer Science at Arunai Engineering College, Tiruvannamalai.

  •       Apart from repeatedly proving its worth at the recent technical fests of the college, it stands as a powerful learning platform with substantial inflow of senior guidance and mentorship.

  •       The association, inaugurated in 2004 has an open nature, thus allowing the convergence of Computer Science enthusiasts from all streams of study.

  •       It is noted for organizing series of lecture talks on various emerging technologies, quizzing and coding events around the year, in addition to a brilliant display of innovative and highly appreciated projects and papers during POINTERS, the annual technical symposium conducted by the department of Computer Science and Engineering.

  •       A number of events, in and off campus are hosted by iGROW during POINTERS which are some of the biggest crowd pullers during the fest.