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Event Rules:

1.Maximum number of participants in a team is 2:
Each team participating in the quiz event can have a maximum of two participants. No team can have more than two participants.


2.Quiz is based on the technical questions:
The quiz will be based on technical questions related to a specific topic. The topic will be announced at the beginning of the event.


3.There are 3 rounds:
The quiz will consist of three rounds: Paper and Pen round, Buzzer Round, and Rapid-Fire Round.


4.First round is Paper and Pen round:
The first round of the quiz is the Paper and Pen round. In this round, each team will be given a set of questions on paper, and they will have to answer them in a given time frame.


5.Second round is Buzzer Round:
The second round of the quiz is the Buzzer round. In this round, questions will be asked, and the team that presses the buzzer first will get to answer the question.


6.Third round is a Rapid-Fire Round:
The third round of the quiz is the Rapid-Fire round. In this round, each team will be asked a series of rapid-fire questions, and they will have to answer them as quickly as possible.


7.Elimination is in every round based on marks:
After each round, the scores will be tallied, and the team with the lowest score will be eliminated from the competition. This elimination process will continue until there is only one team left.


8.All the participating candidates will get the participation certificates:
All the participants who take part in the quiz will receive participation certificates at the end of the event.


9.Decision is based on the marks shall be treated as final:
The decision of the quiz master will be final and binding. The marks scored by the teams in each round will be treated as final, and no requests for revaluation will be entertained.