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Event Rules:

1.Registration: Participants are required to register for the seminar event in advance to secure their spot.


2.Dress code: There may be a specific dress code for the seminar event, which could be business casual or
formal attire, college ID card is mandatory.


3.Timekeeping: Participants are expected to arrive on time and be punctual for the event. Latecomers may not
allowed to enter the seminar hall or may have to wait until a suitable break.


4.Cell phones: Participants are typically asked to turn off their cell phones or put them on silent mode during
the seminar to minimize disruptions and distractions.


5.Speaking: Participants are expected to be respectful and courteous during the seminar and allow the speaker
to present without interruption. Q&A sessions may be held after the presentation for participants to ask questions.


6.Audio and video recordings: Recording of the seminar event may not be allowed without the express
permission of the organizers.


7.Language: The language used for the seminar event is English.


8.Time limit: Each participant is given a maximum of 5 minutes to present their speech. Exceeding the time
limit may result in penalties or disqualification.


9.Topic: The topic for the seminar event will be provided on the spot by the organizers. Participants
may not bring prepared speeches or presentations.


10.Staff's decision: The decision of the seminar event staff is final and binding. Any disputes or
objections may not be entertained.


11.Speech content: Participants are expected to prepare strong and relevant content for their speech. The speech
should be well-structured and effectively communicate the ideas to the audience.