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Event Rules:

1.Devices and Requirements:
The candidates should bring their own laptops and all the necessary requirements for web designing, including chargers, software, and internet connectivity. No additional devices will be provided by the organizers.


2.Technical Software Tools:
The candidates are allowed to use any technical software tools they prefer to create web sites. However, the organizers will not provide any software tools to the candidates.


3.Original Code:
The candidates are required to write the code themselves and not copy-paste any code from the internet or any other source. The organizers may use software tools to detect any plagiarism, and candidates found violating this rule will be disqualified.


4.Competition Time:
The competition time for web designing will be 120 minutes. Candidates must submit their final designs before the deadline provided by the organizers.


5.Prizes and Certificates:
The first three winners will receive gifts, and all participants will receive participation certificates. The winners will be announced after the judges' decision is final.


6.Topic and Theme:
The topic and theme for the web-designing competition will be given on the spot, and candidates must create their designs accordingly. The candidates may not request changes in the topic or theme.


7.Judges' Decisions:
The decisions made by the judges will be final, and no further discussions or appeals will be entertained. Any attempts to influence the judges' decisions will result in immediate disqualification.


8.Malpractices Prohibited:
Candidates must not engage in any malpractices, including cheating, using unfair means, or disrupting other candidates' work. Any such actions will result in immediate disqualification from the competition.